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Avvatar Sports Nutrition was India’s 1st vegetarian whey protein provider in 2017. The USP of Avvatar whey protein is that the process of manufacturing whey protein from cheese is all done within 24 hours.

The idea was to provide the freshest, most natural & cleanest protein to athletes and fitness enthusiasts at an affordable price compared to other companies. As a dairy company, we all know that whey is a by-product while manufacturing cheese and milk, so Avvatar helps in maximising the value of the leftover whey for its value through innovation and technology.

There is a growing interest in the sports nutrition industry because of the growing importance of fitness training in both competitive and non-competitive circles. Parag Milk Foods invested about 110 crores to set up a plant in Pune for their plant to produce various dairy products such as paneer, butter, cream etc. and also help in producing Whey Protein and Whey Protein Isolate under their product named Avvatar Isorich.

Avvatar Nutrition has a variety of products in the portfolio of their protein and supplements business, a few of them are listed below:-

Avvatar Whey Protein: Manufactured by cross-cold microfiltration technique which provides the best quality protein having the highest amino acid profile. Also, it is naturally gluten-free and 100% lactose-free. Available in both tubs and bottles. It is the most cost-effective product from Avvatar Nutrition.

Avvatar Isorich: Avvatar Isorich contains a high amount of essential amino acids that are required for muscle development and muscle growth. As an Isolate protein, it is the purest form of protein. It is also easily digested and contains the least amount of fat and carbs as compared to the other forms of protein.

Avvatar Mass Gainer: Best suited for people who either want to gain muscle mass or gain weight. It is available in chocolate flavour. It contains a high amount of calories per serving along with 45 grams of protein which makes it the ideal choice for a weight gainer.

Apex Supplements offers a wide range of Avvatar Supplements with the lowest price starting from 2399 INR to 10199 INR.

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Avvatar Whey Protein 2399 INR
Avvatar Nitro Iso Whey 4979 INR
Avvatar IsoRich Whey Protein Isolate 3059 INR
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