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vegetarian supplement
Per 304gm of 55 servings Contains*
24 g





Protein % per Serving

ASITIS Whey Protein Isolate 90%, Unflavoured & Unsweetened with 27g Protein

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Country of Origin : India

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Marketed By

Melting Pot Concepts Private Limited, Bangalore

  • 11215332000675

Manufactured By

Medizen Labs Private Limited, Bangalore

Building muscle mass just like your favorite Bollywood action heroes is convenient now. Talk about any of those stars with 6-pack abs, heavy muscle mass, and lean body, any idea what keeps them in shape? ASITIS Whey Protein Isolate, curdled and strained from milk, is a rich protein source often used in making cheese.

What it does: The ASITIS Whey Protein Isolate helps grow and maintain muscle mass.

Natural product: As it is whey isolate is vegetarian and is 100% pure and natural. Hence, you get the product in its purest form.

What is whey isolate: Whey protein concentrate is treated with additional filtration to reduce the fat and lactose content, resulting in as it is whey protein isolate. This milk-derived protein is a dense protein source with the highest BCAA concentration. 

Rich protein source: The ASITIS whey protein isolate pack contains a rich source of 27 g of protein in a 30 g serving, making it around 90% of the protein source. 

As it is whey protein nutrition facts: A scoop of asASITIS itis whey isolate offers you 112 calories of energy, which is ideal for anyone looking to gain a healthy weight. It has a biological value of 159, meaning your muscles absorb it quickly. The rich source of protein helps in muscle endurance, growth, recovery, maintenance, and maintains weight loss. You will also experience a boost in metabolism and stronger bones.

Sizes available: You can pick between the options of 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, and 2 kg packs. Going for a bigger box is economical if you are serious about building muscles. ASITIS whey protein 1kg is the most purchased pack.

Flavour: The ASITIS whey protein flavor is unflavoured with no added preservatives, synthetic colours, or flavours. ASITIS whey protein flavour is natural in taste. No artificial sweeteners are added. However, you are free to add your favourite flavour of vanilla powder or chocolate syrup to the blend. 

What it contains: The protein powder is free from sugar and contains almost zero fat. It confirms the highest standard of quality and is gluten-free. It has 90% protein and 5.9 g of BCAA per serving of 30 g. 

Rich in BCAAs: It is rich in branched-chain amino acids isoleucine, leucine, and valine. The blend of these makes it so ideal for bodybuilders. 

Where is it sourced: The Whey protein isolate from ASITIS is imported from top vendors globally and is manufactured under stringent quality standards. The purity and quality of this Non-GMO protein powder are guaranteed. 

Authenticity: Make sure you scratch the code on the box of the label and send the 6-digit code to 57575 to check its authenticity.

Who can have ASITIS whey protein isolate

Anyone who intends to have muscle mass and a leaner physique can go for this protein pack. Since it is free of gluten, fat, and sugar, diet-conscious fitness freaks can have it without hesitation. Bodybuilders, gym enthusiasts, sports lovers, weight trainers, athletes, or anyone indulging in regular physical activity can have this protein pack.

How much protein serving should you have

Ideally, it would help if you had a scoop of 30 g daily. It will serve you 27 g of protein with a small quantity of sodium and all the amino acids the pack contains.

When should you have whey protein isolate

You can have a glassful of it in the mornings, pre-workout, or post a heavy exercise; however, for pre-workout, give a gap of 2 hours before hitting the gym.

What is the best way to have whey protein isolate

You can have it in various forms.

  • Mix a heaped scoop in chilled or lukewarm skimmed milk. Whisk it well to remove any lumps and enjoy a smooth consistency. Add a few drops of chocolate sauce or sprinkle a little vanilla powder if you want an added taste.
  • Add a scoop of it to your pancake mix, oatmeal, or porridge for a heavy breakfast.
  • You can shove a scoop into the blender and add yogurt or toned milk, banana/papaya/pineapple to make it into a thick smoothie.
  • There is also an option to have it as a protein bar between meals, and you can also have it in the office as a healthy snack.
  • You may also add it to a glass of fresh fruit juice or your favorite beverage.


  • It helps in muscle growth and mass muscle build
  • Post a heavy workout whey protein helps in muscle recovery
  • It also helps build lean muscles and control calorie intake by making you feel full.
  • Since the protein-rich powder promotes satiety, you will have lesser hunger pangs and thus lose weight faster.
  • Asitis whey protein isolate reviews suggested that people have highly appreciated this pack for its incredible muscle-building benefits.

Is it suitable for lactose intolerant people?

Yes, asitis whey protein is suited for you even if you are lactose intolerant because it’s processed in a limited way to have 90% protein content.

Can I have whey protein with coffee?

Combining both will give you a good dose of mood and muscle stimulants. You can stay energized, active and alert for more extended hours owing to the caffeine property of coffee and the nutritional value of whey protein. 

Why is whey protein so important?

It is a complete protein source since it has a rich source of amino acids. It has the highest BV among all other protein sources and is absorbed fast. Owing to this, it is a perfect protein supplement post a workout for muscle recovery and growth. You can check out as it is whey protein isolate reviews to understand why it is so popular.

What is asitis whey protein isolate 1kg price?

Well, it varies from one vendor to another. Check out leading vendors online to get the maximum discount as it is whey protein isolate 1kg pack. Asitis whey protein isolate 2kg is another most opted-for pack for its longevity.

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