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Avvatar IsoRich Whey Protein Isolate

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Avvatar IsoRich Whey Protein Isolate Online

Avvatar Isorich is a high-quality and effective protein supplement that features 28 grams of pure and highly absorbable 100% isolate protein per scoop. It has the purest and most premium whey protein Isolate that gets rapidly absorbed in your digestive tract allowing quick delivery of protein in your body.

Avvatar Isorich is made with advanced cross-flow ultra and micro-filtration techniques that ensures the removal of non-protein fractions and retains high-quality whey protein isolate that is rich in naturally occurring bioactive amino acids.

Features and Benefits of Avvatar Isorich:

Features and Benefits of Avvatar Isorich
High-grade Isolate Protein:

This consists of the highest quality whey protein isolate formulated and designed according to international standards while keeping in mind Indian body types and requirements.

Rich in BCAAs:

The filtration technique ensures the retention of amino acids, be they branched-chain or essential amino acids. This helps with protein synthesis in the body as well as reduces muscle fatigue critical during any intense exercise regimen.

Rich in Immunity Boosting Nutrients:

Avvatar Isorich contains a rich mix of immune-boosting ingredients like Vitamin B12, Iodine, and magnesium that help boost your immune system and provide optimum health against common diseases.

Optimal for Weight Loss and Keto-Friendly:

All proteins are not created equal – some types of proteins are better for muscle growth while others are better for weight loss. Whey protein isolate is effective in boosting muscle mass and building strong muscles but has also been found to promote weight loss as well. It merely contains 1 gram of carb per serving making it a perfect fit for carb-conscious diets.

Available Flavors and sizes

Avvatar Isorich is available in our favorite Malai Kulfi, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Belgian Chocolate.

 Sizes: 1kg, 2kg and 4kg

Suggested Use:

As a beginner use 1 scoop of Avvatar Isorich in addition to you morning meal.

If you are an active fitness enthusiast, use 1 scoop immediately with your post-workout and meal and 1 scoop anytime of the day

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size 35.0g
Servings per Container Flavour and size Dependent
Calories 126 kcal
Total Fat 1.2 g
Total Carbohydrate 1 g
Protein 28g


Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa Powder, Iodized Salt,  Flavours, Sweetener, Sunflower Lecithin for improved mixability.

Side effects of Avvatar Isorich

Whey protein doesn’t have side effects and should be used as a health supplement only and not a substitute for daily diet. 

Not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating mothers. Contains non-caloric sweetener for calorie-conscious. 

Avvatar IsoRich Whey Protein Isolate Price in India

Avvatar IsoRich Whey Protein Isolate Reviews

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