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vegetarian supplement
Per 304gm of 55 servings Contains*
24 g





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Doctors Choice Pre X5 Ultimate Pre-Workout

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Country of Origin : India

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Doctor’s Choice:
SAN Nutrition, Dairy No.4A First Floor Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070, India , +91-9667047771

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SAN Nutrition, Building No 4A Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070
Country of Origin: India

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Doctors Choice Pre X5 is an advanced pre-workout formula designed to pump explosive energy & vitals into your body. This is necessary to push your weightlifting routine to the next level and elevate your endurance so that you can train more intensely. Because it contains creatine nitrate, citrulline dl malate, Caffeine anhydrous, beta-alanine, and taurine, doctors choice pre workout as an essential supplement for athletes and bodybuilders looking to offer extraordinary power, pump, & energy to their muscles while they are training, it is a nutrient that can be taken by either gender and is recommended to be consumed before exercise since doctor choice pre workout improves strength and stamina, allowing for more intense workouts.

How to use 

Consume one serving, mix doctor’s choice pre x5 with 250 millilitres of water, 25 to 30 minutes before engaging in strenuous physical activity. It is not recommended to consume more than two servings daily. Not one adverse impact. The beta-alanine is responsible for the tingling sensation, which is completely harmless.


  • Beta-Alanine

Science supports the use of beta-alanine as a supplement, and studies on the patented dr choice pre workout review show that it helps people meet their muscular endurance training objectives by delaying muscle exhaustion and speeding up recovery. Beta-alanine supplements are suitable for vegans, and they come in both capsule form & powder form for use in beverages & smoothies.

  • Creatine Nitrate

Creatine Nitrate, formed when nitrogen is chemically linked to creatine, greatly enhances the transport of creatine to the working muscles & hence their performance. Athletes take creatine nitrate with a doctor’s choice ripped x5 pre workout to boost their muscle power, size, and stamina.

  • Arginine HCL 

In its hydrochloride salt form, arginine is an amino acid necessary for human development. Due to its alkaline side chain, arginine is a complicated amino acid frequently located in active areas in enzymes and proteins. To fight weariness and boost the immune system, as well as stave off heart and circulation disorders, arginine may be an excellent choice.

  • L-Citrulline Aspartate

e and the molecule nitric oxide. The health of your cardiovascular system depends on these substances. They might even help your body’s defences.

  • AAKG

Amino acid arginine makes up Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG), an alpha-ketoglutarate molecule. Athletes take this supplement to speed up their recoveries, increase their stamina, and decrease their muscular weariness.

  • Caffeine Matrix

  • Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is extracted from coffee beans and leaves. The definition of “anhydrous” is “without containing water.” dc pre x5 ultimate comes with Caffeine that is removed from the plant material and then dried following harvesting. What you get is a powdered form of Caffeine that is extremely concentrated.

  • Di- caffeine Malate

Creative Compounds, a leader in the supplement industry, has produced a patented component called Infinergy (Di-Caffeine Malate). Di-caffeine malate (or “Infinergy”) is a chemical made by ionically bonding caffeine & malic acid.

Advantages of using Doctors Choice Pre X5 Ultimate Pre-Workout

  • Provide massive pumps
  • Burn faster calories
  • Storming energy & focus 
  • Muscle hardness & extensive pump
  • Helps in the growth of lean muscle
  • Performance & fuels endurance

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