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vegetarian supplement
Per 304gm of 55 servings Contains*
24 g





Protein % per Serving

Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz

3,999.00 2,499.00

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Aesthetic Nutrition Upper Ground Floor, Plot No-233, Block – C,
Pocket-11, Sector 3, Rohini, New Delhi, 110085
Customer Care: +91-8799797709

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Biogenex Lifesciences, #319, HSIIDC, IGC Saha, Ambala, Haryana, 133104
Country of Origin: India

  • 10821999000534

Extreme Pump & Nootropic Catalyst Ɨ

“The Pump”. What is it? You may ask. To some, it’s defined literally, going by the scientific term hyperemia, which is the increased blood flow to muscles of the body, saturating them with nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood. To others, “The Pump” is a state of mind…and out-of-body experience where what is happening physically is fused with the satisfaction of connecting with the iron on a ritual-like level. However you define it, the best pumps possible can’t be achieved without optimal effort and focus in the gym. That is why we created Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz.

 Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz is formulated to be the most cutting edge, stimulant-free, pump and nootropic-centric pre-workout on the market. Starting with the pumps, rather than using borrowed science like all the other ‘pump’ pre-workouts out there, Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz utilizes a three-prong approach for maximum vasodilation. Featuring Nitrosigine®, HydroMax® and S7®, these three novel ingredients combine to address blood vessel relaxation, enhanced muscle cell volume and enhance bioavailable endogenous nitric oxide production by 230%.

Rounding out  Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz is a high potency, stimulant-free nootropic matrix. While pre-workout formulas have traditionally relied on stimulants for enhancing focus and training intensity, the route taken with Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz is utilises a novel, scientifically-backed nootropics. Featuring Noogandha® as the star player and paired with a trio of potent additional nootropic components, you’ll experience enhanced cognition, elevated focus, and heightened training intensity and have it all tied together with potent stress mitigation to keep you locked in for the long term.

Massive pumps, enhanced nutrient delivery and razor-sharp focus. Simply put,  Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz is stimulant-free pre-workouts, redefined.

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