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Evogen AminoJect BCAA, Vegan Fermented Plant Based BCAA, Glutamine, & Citrulline Powder

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Protein Research

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Evogen Nutrition India introduced the first products on the market to contain fermenting branch chain amino acids. Seven years later, they are still committed to producing only the highest quality products; so this includes their newest product, Evogen AminoJect BCAA. This incredible tasting combination contains not only BCAAs but also glutamine and betaine, which together speed up recovery to unimaginable levels. With the release of AminoJect – the best BCAA recovery, Evogen has established an entirely new class of ultra-premium BCAA supplements. Experience the superior flavour and texture of AminoJect.

Features and details: 

  • 6 Grams L-Isoleucine, Fermented L-Leucine, and L-Valine

There is a single, overarching reason for what BCAA helps any professional weightlifter. You need enough of it to feel it working to lessen muscle fatigue and speed up your recovery. Each serving of AminoJect has a rich 6 grams to effectively boost protein synthesis and inhibit catabolic reactions in your body. When striving to optimise lean muscle gains and combat muscle loss during heavy work-out. AminoJect is a mainstay in your intra-workout arsenal.

  • 5 Grams Fermented L-Glutamine

AminoJect has a total of 5 grams of amino acids, whereas the majority of intra-workout amino acid supplements only contain 1 to 2 grams. As part of its unwavering dedication to producing high-quality products, Evogen has traditionally relied on l-glutamine in its purest form.

  • 1 Gram Betaine Anhydrous

Whenever it comes to improving an athlete’s power output, this naturally occurring sugar beet derivative has a solid track record of improving performance in athletes. It accomplishes this by helping your body produce its own creatine, which has a direct impact on enhancing performance metrics like the number of reps performed or the quantum of workouts done, etc. Betaine anhydrous is a vital component of AminoJect for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it works in tandem with the potent electrolyte blend that is a part of the formulation to assist in optimizing the fluid balance in building muscle.

  • 1 Gram Citrulline Malate 

Every intra-workout supplement should include this potent performance enhancer because it is an absolute must. The reason for this is that it has the potential to assist in the enhancement of ammonia waste products that are created as a result of the breakdown of BCAAs in building muscle. It also helps in delivering ATP to exercising muscles through Kreb’s cycle, which can provide an additional “boost” to your workouts.


The packages are available in some amazing flavours like blue raspberry, strawberry margarita, watermelon, raspberry lemonade, Cali-Time Tea, Lightening Lemon Lime, Patriot Pop, Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Sour Orange Gummy Bear. However, the fruit punch is the most-demanded one among the lot.

As per Evogen review, is it authentic?

  • The Evogen India expiration date and Batch Number should be printed on every product. Importer Stickers or information about the importer should be included on all labels. 
  • All packages include a GST invoice; check them out. 
  • Scratch the code on the box and send SMS to the number mentioned on the MRP Label
  • The Manufacturers or Authorised Importers will have FSSAI licence printed on the package.

When BCAA should be taken?

For use as a nutritional supplement, combine one spoonful of AminoJect with six to eight ounces of ice-cold water or chilled milk. In order to increase your consumption of amino acids, you can take AminoJect while you’re training or working out.

Who can use Evogen AminoJect BCAA?

Consumption of this product is restricted solely to mature, physically fit individuals who are at least 18 years old. Do not use products if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or planning to become pregnant in the near future. Always get the OK from your primary care provider before beginning use of this or any type of dietary supplement. 

If you are currently on any kind of medication, whether it be over-the-counter or prescribed, or if you have had any kind of medical issue in the past, you should not take this product without first visiting your doctor. 

If you suffer from any kind of negative reaction after using this product, you should stop using it right away and talk to a doctor about it. 

If the safety seal has been damaged or removed, do not use the product. Keep away from dampness and direct sunlight in a dark, dry, and cool area.

Benefits of BCAA –

  • Enhancement of the Growth of Muscle 
  • Improved Capacity to Recover Muscle 
  • Helps One Shed Excess Body Fat 
  • Reduces Tiredness While Also Helping to Normalize Soreness


L-Leucine, L-Valine L-Glutamine, Citrulline Malate, L-Isoleucine and  Betaine Anhydrous are the primary elements packed in this product.


How much BCAA needed per day?

Taking up to 20 gram of BCAAs daily in split doses is common for muscular enhancement.

Is intra workout worth it?

Of course! One of the benefits of using an intra workout is that it can hasten the time it takes for your muscles to recuperate.

How BCAA helps in bodybuilding?

BCAAs are often used for bodybuilding, as they are thought to stimulate muscular development. Leucine, a branched-chain amino acid, increases protein synthesis in muscle by way of a specific metabolic way.

Can you take pre workout and intra workout?

If you are already taking a pre-workout supplement and post-workout recovery supplement, taking an intra-workout supplement may be the missing piece of the puzzle that will allow you to take the training to the next level. Achieve the results you have been searching for.

What is an intra workout supplement?

During your workout, you may choose to consume a supplement known as an intra-workout supplement in order to help boost your endurance, replenish important nutrients, recover muscle tear and fatigue and improve your muscle mass. The most beneficial of these is BCAA.


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