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What does Glutamine do? 

People residing in urban areas and metropolitan cities are affected by an incessant increase in pollution and other infectious elements every day. Immunity is on toss for people, especially with not the right nutrition going in. To compensate for this, you need supplements that can strengthen your immune system and help you release stress. Heavy and prolonged workouts can also lead to the depletion of muscle glutamine. On glutamine powder, a powerful diet supplement enables protein synthesis. 

Glutamine helps in the production of essential proteins for our body. Besides that, it is also helpful for producing glucose and amino acids. Glutamine in the form of supplements or powder can be very beneficial for the gut, immune system, and other necessary body functions that can help relieve stress. 

On glutamine powder: Although Glutamine is abundant in our body, exercising or gym practice reduces the production of essential amino acids or limits protein synthesis. In such cases, small servings of ON glutamine powder can be perfect to replenish and repair the loss of proteins and amino acids in our body. For example, one tablespoon of glutamine powder gives more protein than consuming four eggs, 110 grams of meat, ¾ cup of soybean, and even more beneficial than 110 grams of chicken breast. 

benefit of Glutamine

What it contains: Optimum Nutrition Glutamine powder contains essential L-amino acids and doesn’t have any flavour. You can blend it with your favourite shakes or milk. The powder is easy to digest and helps increase our body’s immunization during physical activities. A small pack of On glutamine powder contains 5 grams of L-amino acids, most abundant in our body tissues.

You might ignore the need to consume such important amino acids, which are abundant in our bodies. But Glutamine is essential for any person because it helps muscle repair and recovery. There can be damage to tissues while doing household chores or exercising; Glutamine will repair those tissues so that you don’t have sustaining problems in your muscles. 

How much Glutamine per day: Experts and gym professionals recommend using only 5-10 grams of ON glutamine powder daily. Plus, you can modify the serving as per their weight and age. 

How to drink Glutamine? If you are taking the powder with water, you should thoroughly mix it with the help of a blender so that it doesn’t leave any residue at the bottom. A healthy adult can take up to 30 grams by dividing the amount into small portions for up to 16 weeks. 

When to take glutamine supplements? You can whisk the powder with shakes, smoothies or chilled milk. Consider stirring it with even plain water. Drink it after two to three hours of exercise. 

Sizes and price: ON Glutamine price in India may vary according to different sizes. Currently, there is one size available in the market. You can pick a small pack of 250-gram. 

What are the different benefits of consuming glutamine powder?

The most common use of taking glutamine powder is to fulfil the requirements of Glutamine in our body, which helps produce amino acids. Besides, it helps to lose weight faster and build and repair muscles. However, the original purpose remains the same, with many more benefits. 

  • Glutamine powder benefits those who want a chiselled body and lean muscles as it helps burn the body fat faster. 
  • It is also one of the most recommended products for leaky gut and weak immune systems. 
  • The powder is also helpful for those who suffer from gastrointestinal problems and have irritable bowel syndrome. 
  • Glutamine powder is a healthier alternative to treat stomach ulcers rather than antibiotics. 
  • Glutamine, an essential amino acid, helps stall brain ageing. 
  • ON glutamine powder is best in cases of diarrhoea as it helps balance mucus production.  

Who should consume glutamine powder: Glutamine is produced in abundance in our bodies. Therefore, if you are keeping healthy, you might not need to consume this powder. But people with weak immune systems and gut problems should drink this supplement with shakes or milk. As Glutamine is already found in many food items such as peanuts, consider consuming it in normal amounts or consult your doctor. Taking more Glutamine can cause many health risks and may cause dizziness or rash. 

Does Glutamine increase weight?

Glutamine is used for maintaining a lean figure; it cannot increase the weight on its own. Studies also conclude that amino acids do not burn fat reserves. Instead, they offer you a toned physique. It also doesn't alter your metabolism or affect the calorie count.

What food items are the best sources of natural Glutamine?

Food items that contain natural Glutamine include: Chicken. Fish. Cabbage. Spinach. Dairy. Tofu. Lentils. Beans.

Is consuming Glutamine powder safe?

Yes, consuming and taking glutamine powder with milk or water is totally safe. But, one should avoid taking high amounts of Glutamine which can cause severe side effects. Contact your doctor immediately if you see any unusual symptoms like rashes, skin color changes, or blood in your urine. Also, if you have pre-medical conditions or are pregnant, ensure to consult your doctor before buying your pack. Wish you a healthy body!


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