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Wellbeing Nutrition Slow Triple Magnesium Complex

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Buy Wellbeing Nutrition Triple Magnesium Complex Online

Wellbeing Nutrition Slow Triple Magnesium Complex is a dietary supplement that aims to provide a comprehensive magnesium solution. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including energy production, muscle and nerve function, and bone health .

With its unique 8 hour delayed release formula, Wellbeing Nutrition’s Slow Triple Magnesium Complex claims to provide a steady and sustained supply of magnesium throughout the day.

The formulation includes three different forms of magnesium – magnesium bisglycinate, magnesium citrate, and magnesium threonate – to maximise absorption and bioavailability.

Introduction to Magnesium Glycinate and Threonate

Magnesium is a vital mineral that plays a crucial role in numerous bodily functions. Among the various forms of magnesium supplements available, magnesium glycinate and magnesium threonate stand out due to their unique properties and benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the details of these two magnesium forms, highlighting their benefits, uses, and appropriate dosages.

What is Magnesium Glycinate?

Magnesium glycinate, also known as magnesium bisglycinate, is a highly absorbable form of magnesium. It is a compound of magnesium and glycine, an amino acid that aids in the absorption process.

Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate

  1. Enhanced Absorption: Due to its chelated form, magnesium glycinate is easily absorbed by the body, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort often associated with other forms of magnesium.
  2. Improved Sleep Quality: Magnesium glycinate helps in calming the nervous system, promoting better sleep and relaxation.
  3. Muscle Health: It aids in muscle relaxation and recovery, making it beneficial for individuals with muscle cramps or spasms.
  4. Bone Health: Magnesium glycinate contributes to bone health by aiding in the metabolism of calcium.
  5. Mood Stabilisation: This form of magnesium supports mental health by reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.

What is Magnesium Threonate?

Magnesium threonate, derived from L-threonic acid, is known for its superior ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, making it an excellent choice for cognitive enhancement.

Benefits of Magnesium Threonate

  1. Cognitive Function: Magnesium threonate is renowned for its ability to improve memory, learning, and overall cognitive function.
  2. Neuroprotection: It provides neuroprotective benefits, potentially aiding in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.
  3. Mental Clarity: Regular intake of magnesium threonate can enhance mental clarity and focus.
  4. Stress Reduction: This form of magnesium helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Recommended Dosage

This magnesium complex supplement combines the benefits of these three forms of magnesium to provide comprehensive support.

According to the sources, the recommended dosage for magnesium supplementation can vary depending on the individual’s age, gender, and specific health needs.

It is generally recommended to take 2 capsules (approx 2000mg) of these magnesium supplements per day, with food, to ensure optimal absorption and utilisation by the body.


Triple complex magnesium offers unique benefits that cater to different health needs. Magnesium glycinate is ideal for those seeking better sleep, mood stabilisation, and muscle health, while magnesium threonate is perfect for cognitive enhancement and neuroprotection. By understanding the distinct advantages and appropriate dosages of each, you can make an informed decision to improve your overall well-being.

Remember to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen to ensure it is appropriate for your specific health needs.

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