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QNT Metapure Zero Carb

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QNT Metapure protein is an infused whey protein isolate. These proteins are superior to regular whey proteins in both quality and purity. Comparatively, QNT Metapure Zero Carb has a higher biological value and protein percentage than condensed whey, with a protein content of over 90%. (raw material). It also has negligible carbs and lesser fats than regular milk. As a result, it’s perfect for those on a low-carb diet or who have lactose sensitivity and can’t use regular whey protein.

Sizes available: 

As per the Metapure zero carb review, customers love QNT Metapure 2kg pack as it’s worth the value. Hence, it is the most selling compared to the other packs.  


Available in some amazing flavours like Strawberry, Banana, Belgian Chocolate and White Chocolate, you can blend it into a delicious qnt metapure zero carb drink with milk.

According to QNT Metapure whey isolate review, is it authentic?

  • Check the QNT Metapureprotein expiration date and Batch Number printed on every product. Importer Stickers or information about the importer should be there on all labels. 
  • Check the packages for a retail tax invoice number. 
  • The Manufacturers or Authorised Importers have granted the certification and authorization.

How to use it

You are free to consume Metapure Zero Carb in any way that you want. After training, give your muscles the fast-absorbing proteins they need to recuperate and grow. Before training, make sure your body has all the nutrients it requires to function at its best by giving it all the nutrients it requires for optimal performance.

Who can use Metapure Zero Carb 

Everyone! In addition to assisting in the maintenance of toned muscle power, the addition of Metapure Zero Carb to a meal plan can give the additional protein that is required. You will feel fuller, stronger and healthier if you include Metapure Zero Carb in every day diet. What’s more, it facilitates quick weight loss.

Why should you buy a pack of QNT Metapure?

  • Combines high standards of quality with ease of use 

Metapure is made from a whey protein isolate of the highest quality and digestibility, designed to provide an exceptional supplement. The same smooth texture, delicious flavour, and uniform consistency can be enjoyed with each and every serving. The QNT Metapure price is quite affordable compared to the other brands. 

  • Deliciously enticing 

Choose from different delicious flavours: Strawberry, Belgian Chocolate, White Chocolate, Strawberry-Banana, and Vanilla! For each of you, there is a surplus. 

  • Manufactured and made in Europe 

To guarantee that customers receive a product of the highest world-class, Metapure is made in Europe according to the stringent regulations governing the manufacture of dietary supplements and sports nutrition. These are assembled in tested facilities which meet all food safety regulations. These are imported by leading vendors in India. 

  • Good for those who aren’t athletes, too 

As per the QNT Metapure zero carb review, when used with a weight-loss program, the protein pack provides the additional protein necessary to preserve lean muscle mass and support weight loss.

  • Taking whey is an effective way to increase muscle strength and volume –

Protein is a must for muscle maintenance, development, and repair. The rate of muscle growth is directly related to the quantity of protein accessible to the body. Metapure is made from high-quality whey protein that is easily absorbed by the intestine and includes all the important amino acids. 

To be more specific, this will help you maximise the metabolic window which opens up after exercise. Hence, whey protein is among the most effective supplements for promoting muscle growth. 

  • Metapure protein aids in fitness maintenance. 

Whey protein is useful for maintaining muscle mass and strength. Protein-based diets have gained popularity because of their efficacy and the various metabolic advantages they provide, such as lowering blood sugar and increasing fullness. This will aid in the pursuit of healthier and more consistent body composition.


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