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Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL

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RC King Mass Gainer Online in India

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL is a premium mass gainer supplement designed to support muscle growth, recovery, and overall athletic performance.

Endorsed by 8-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, this powerful formula provides a balanced blend of high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients to fuel your body during intense training and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Boasting a whopping 60 grams of protein, 180 grams of carbs, and over 1,000 calories per serving, King Mass XL is the ultimate mass gainer supplement for serious athletes and bodybuilders.

With its delicious flavour options and easy-to-mix formula, King Mass XL makes it easier than ever to meet your daily calorie and nutrient needs while building lean muscle mass.

Benefits of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL

Benefits of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL


The RC King Mass Gainer boasts an impressive list of benefits that sets it apart from the competition:

  1. High-quality calories: With a whopping 1000+ calories per serving, RC King Mass is perfect for hard gainers looking to increase their daily calorie intake.
  2. Optimised protein blend: A combination of whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, and micellar casein ensures a steady release of amino acids for muscle recovery and growth.
  3. Enhanced with creatine and glutamine: These powerful ingredients improve strength, endurance, and muscle recovery.
  4. Rich in fibre and complex carbohydrates: This helps maintain a healthy digestive system and fuels long-lasting energy.
  5. Great taste and mixability: RC King Mass Gainer is known for its delicious flavours and easy-to-mix formula.

Nutrition Facts of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL

Understanding the nutritional profile of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL is crucial for making informed decisions about its incorporation into your dietary regimen. Below are the detailed nutrition facts per serving:

Serving Size: 4 scoops (334g)


  • Total Calories: 1,200
  • Calories from Fat: 45


  • Total Fat: 5gSaturated Fat: 3g
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 120mg
  • Sodium: 320mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 250g
  • Dietary Fibre: 3g
  • Sugars: 18g
  • Protein: 50g

Vitamins & Minerals

  • Calcium: 1,000mg
  • Iron: 8mg
  • Potassium: 1,000mg
  • Vitamin A: 5,000 IU
  • Vitamin C: 60mg
  • Vitamin D: 400 IU
  • Vitamin E: 30 IU
  • Thiamin: 2mg
  • Riboflavin: 2.3mg
  • Niacin: 15mg
  • Vitamin B6: 2mg
  • Folate: 400mcg
  • Vitamin B12: 6mcg
  • Biotin: 300mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid: 10mg
  • Phosphorus: 700mg
  • Iodine: 150mcg
  • Magnesium: 140mg
  • Zinc: 15mg
  • Selenium: 70 mcg
  • Copper: 1mg
  • Manganese: 2mg
  • Chromium: 120mcg
  • Molybdenum: 75mcg
  • Sodium: 320mg
  • Potassium: 1,000mg

Other Ingredients

  • Maltodextrin: 259g
  • Whey Protein Concentrate: 50g
  • Micellar Casein: 5g
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs): 3g
  • Flaxseed Oil: 1g
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend: 100mg

Pricing Information

RC King Mass Gainer offers competitive pricing options for various sizes. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. RC King Mass Gainer 6lbs: 4000-5000 INR
  2. RC King Mass Gainer 15 lbs: 7000-8000 INR
  3. RC King Mass Gainer 20lbs: 9000- 10000 INR

Unfortunately, the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL is not available in 1kg and 2kg variants and honestly, in that variant, you can’t expect any results as significant gains in muscle mass require a higher calorie intake for a longer period.

Flavours Available

RC King Mass Gainer comes in a variety of delicious flavours to suit every taste preference:

  1. Dark Chocolate
  2. Vanilla Ice Cream

How to Consume?

For best results, mix 2 scoops (310g) of RC King Mass Gainer with 16-20 oz of water or milk. You can adjust the liquid amount according to your desired consistency. Use a blender or a shaker bottle for optimal mixability.

When to Consume?

To maximise the benefits of RC King Mass, consume it at the following times:

Post-workout: To replenish muscle glycogen and initiate muscle recovery.

Between meals: To maintain a steady influx of amino acids and support muscle growth.

Before bedtime: To prevent muscle breakdown during sleep.

Potential Side Effects of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL

While the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL is designed to provide optimal benefits for muscle growth and recovery, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects that may arise from its consumption. Here’s a detailed overview:

Digestive Discomfort

  • Bloating: Some individuals may experience bloating or gas due to the high carbohydrate content and rapid digestion of certain ingredients.
  • Upset Stomach: The dense nutrient profile might be overwhelming for some digestive systems, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Weight Gain

  • Rapid Weight Gain: Given its calorie-dense formulation, excessive consumption without proper exercise and diet control can lead to rapid and unwanted weight gain.
  • Increased Fat Storage: Consuming more calories than your body requires may result in increased fat storage, overshadowing muscle gains.

Allergic Reactions

  • Allergenic Ingredients: King Mass XL contains various ingredients such as dairy (whey protein) and other potential allergens. Individuals with known allergies should exercise caution and consult a healthcare professional before consumption.

Hormonal Imbalance

  • Insulin Spikes: The carbohydrate content may lead to rapid insulin spikes, potentially affecting blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity over time.
  • Testosterone Fluctuations: While not common, some users might experience hormonal fluctuations due to ingredients like MCTs and other hormonal modulators present in the formula.

Liver and Kidney Stress

  • Metabolic Load: The high protein and calorie content may put additional stress on the liver and kidneys, especially when consumed in excessive amounts or combined with other supplements.

Precautionary Measures

  • Consultation: Before incorporating King Mass XL into your regimen, consult a healthcare or nutrition professional, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.
  • Dosage Control: Adhere strictly to the recommended dosage and avoid exceeding the prescribed limits to mitigate potential side effects.
  • Monitoring: Regularly monitor your body’s response to the supplement and adjust consumption based on your tolerance and requirements.

In conclusion, while the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL offers promising benefits for muscle growth and recovery, it’s crucial to approach its consumption with awareness and caution. Understanding potential side effects and taking necessary precautions ensures a safe and effective supplementation experience.


Maltodextrin, Dairy Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein), Cocoa Powder, Fructose, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Waxy Maize Starch, Creamer (Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Corn Syrup solids, Sodium Caseinate (a milk derivative), Mono and Diglycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate, Sodium Silicoaluminate, Soy Lecithin), Sucralose, Gum Blend (Cellulose, Xanthan, Carrageenan), Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate, Acesulfame Potassium, MCT Powder (Medium Chain Triglycerides (from Coconut), Non-Fat Dry Milk, Disodium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Soy Lecithin.


The Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL is an exceptional mass gainer that delivers a potent blend of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients to support muscle growth and recovery.

With competitive pricing, a variety of flavours, and easy-to-follow consumption guidelines, RC King Mass Gainer is the ultimate supplement for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts looking to pack on size.

Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any supplementation regimen and monitor your body’s response to ensure the best possible results.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL vs. Pro-Antium by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

We compared both dietary supplements based on multiple factors to help you choose the right one. Below is a table with a side-by-side comparison between this popular RC King Mass Gainer and RC Antium Protein.


RC King Mass Gainer


Protein Percentage 33.8% 68%
Fat Content Transparency 100% 33%
Serving Size Two Scoops (125g) One scoop (44g)
Carbs Percent of Calories 71.2% 22.7%

Note: The choice of supplement should depend on your unique requirements. If you want to put on muscle mass and get faster muscle recovery, the RC King Mass Gainer is a better option. In addition, the RC Mass Gainer Price is less as compared to RC Pro-Antium.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL Price in India

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL Reviews

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